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Think the few tests that were done on this car were high 3's/low 4s to 60 mph/100kph, high 8s 0-100 mph, high 11s/low 12s for 1/4 mile. Nurburgring time of 7:48 (vs 8.05 for regular M3 manual gearbox). Seems like performance is completely consistent with 444 hp/ 7.6-7.7x weight lbs to hp ratio for straight line and in addition to the power/weight advatanges the GTS has better suspension/aerodynamics vs regular M3s for track performance. Doesn't seem to be underrated power wise. Interestingly, if the F80 M3 is truly lighter vs the E9x and has around 450 hp, one could expect almost as good performance from the F80 M3 as the E9x M3 GTS and CRT (obviously, larger size, more supple suspension, and lack of aggressive downforce generating aids will work against the F80, but should be pretty close in theory to GTS/CRT).

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