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I don't think its an adaptation problem as I literally 100 percent of the time modulate the auto when I am in it to aggressively drop to the lowest gear and nail it all day long. Essentially have never driven the car slowly in manual or auto in terms of dropping to the lowest gear and hitting 8k as much as possible. That is why it bothers me. A "normal' driver would probably not think anything of it but I am the one on the freeway ever 2 miles dropping it to 3rd and taking off so I notice it when I stomp on it and it shifts from 7th to 6th ! Not good.

I am fine using manual but the point is Id rather learn if there is some probem with the tranny, not the fact I could simply use manual mode all the time and be fine which is ok with me but given it will go out of warranty in a year Id rather pay attention to this stuff while covered.

Also on the freeway I find auto mode very helpful and often flip back and forth between manual and auto. If I am in auto I often hammer the throttle to before the kick down, it drops me to 4th, then I manually drop to 3rd for example, nail it, rev out to 8400, shift to 4th and then click it back into auto to cruise a few miles. Its become so second nature that it happens instantly but I find the auto mode extremely effective for aggressive driving compared to any other autobox I have ever driven-so I really am on the fence of this not simply being an "automatic"