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2013 AW E92 - Mod pics


I figured I would start a new thread of some pics from my car. I have had the car 1 month now. Just hit the 1,200 mile mark, first oil change and get on the gas.

Thanks to the folks at EAS for the cosmetic mods to get things going.
  • Gloss black grills
  • AW Side gills
  • AW key hole cover
  • Did all the basic coding, thanks Tom
  • AW painted reflectors
  • AIB Angel Eyes

Thanks to JBSpeed for the Carbon Fiber splitters. I went the less expensive route on these. I think they look great. We will see how they hold up.

Lastly I got some new badging from Ebay We will see how long that last before needing to be replaced.

Car is a daily driver. I have to keep things mellow so I think next up will be some springs and waiting patiently for some exhaust tips.

Sorry the pics are not great. weather sucks.
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