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Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
So they warned you for wanting to keep this thread and others on top so that members know what’s going on with this vendor! But they won't do something about all the bad experiences this vendor is making forum members go thru? Wow this is something else isn't it? Now I see why the thread went from 106 posting to 98 so the Admin removed some of the comments from other members? I bet that PYspeed contacted them about it!

I know this is how the admin make money thru sponsors selling their items here but they need to remember that if a vendor is popping up with a bad rep then they need to sanction that vendor and if their services do not improve then ban them from selling here because otherwise more and more member will stop buying thru this site.
I agree 100% on this! I am sure there are plenty of vendors on here that conduct quality work, I don't think PYSpeed would be missed. Bobby@PYSpeed PM'd me after I started bumping all the threads asking what I needed. I replied with telling him I still wanted the box dimensions. Bobby and Sean have yet to reply to my needs, that says a lot about how they conduct business. I can easily get the size from M3FREAK who just received wheels from them I just figured I would ask them personally. They aren't honest salesmen, it makes me sick and it's sad!!!! I am really glad that I didn't get anything through them. I had friends telling me to go through them and now they are against them as well as myself. I will be sure not to let anyone I know buy from them!

PYSpeed =