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Time to finally conclude the thread. So I ended up spending most of Saturday with Lacey and her friend. Had a nice dinner at BOA, kicked back at the beach for a while, and eventually got to her place because I wanted some alone time with her. I don't know wth she makes as an event organizer, but her apartment was definitely a lot more than I expected. Things started heating up halfway through our movie and then her damn roommate showed up. No, this did not result in a threesome but jesus christ did this girl have a stick up her ass. She bitched her out for bringing "another guy" home and then slammed the door on her way to her room like an angry teenager.

At this point I was thinking I'm probably going to contract something. I mean I brought a condom and all, but I was still worried. I said fuck it and just went with it. Without getting into any details, it was totally worth it. Way way different than girls I'm used to, but I guess with age (27) comes experience. Had a little bit more fun in the morning before breakfast and left with a smile on my face.

This just goes to show that sometimes life throws you a bone and it's up you to pick it up. I guess I was just too apprehensive the first time we met. Still, I'm happier it worked out this way because I got to know her much better before taking things to the next level. Probably won't see her again considering she sleeps around, but who knows

Regardless... I'm heading to my primary on Monday to get antibiotics.