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After 4600 miles, nothing shocking to report, seats a still awesome. Fuel economy has been very good very high 20s and low 30s (the car is almost exclusively driven on the highway)

I have not had the car on a track yet, but the car is very neutral and stable at any speed I have tossed it around at.

It does lack steering feel, but I do like the weight of the steering at speed on dynamic mode. The car goes right where you point it, but it is definitely a little isolated.

Quattro got me up my snow covered driveway without trouble, by no means a test, but the winter is young.

The car has two annoying rattles, on is the trim that goes around the mmi screen, it stops when I touch it. The other is coming from the back seat, I suspect the folding rear seats are involved. It has not been back to the dealer yet, so they have not had the opportunities to fix it yet, but it will go in this month.

The paint quality, and panel fit are better then any BMW I have owned, I am happy and sad to say.