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Originally Posted by passing View Post
if you have the tools and know how, you don't need a warranty.

i say do it yourself.
Like I said earlier... Down time and .. fixing broken cars isn't fun. (To me)

Originally Posted by etrillan View Post
If it isn't breaking the bank, I think it's wroth it too
Well said.

Originally Posted by MKE_M3 View Post
A lot depends on how m̶u̶c̶h̶ you drive. I only put about 5k miles a year on my car, so it would definitely not be worth it to me.

It makes a lot more sense if you will max out mileage of the warranty, not if you run out of time, if that makes sense. Age doesn't brake cars, at least to the extent that mileage does.

Finally, they wouldn't sell the warranty if it wasn't profitable for them, on average. Economically, if you can afford repairs should they come up, you are likely benefited by not buying the warranty. If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't sell it to you.

Cars are different than houses, health, or your life. If your car has a catastrophic failure, like the engine blows up, you can always buy a beater and drive it 'til you can afford the repair. Houses and your body aren't quite as easy to live without
IMHO, I beg to differ, "seems' to me that the less driven car seem to have more problem then a car that is driven... Maybe its the luck of the draw or something.. Sure cars break, but to me, all these virgin (low Low miles) car have their fair share of problems too, (again! to me because lack of usage)

Originally Posted by oberthan View Post
Just bit the bullet on prepaid maintenance and full platinum BMW NA warranty for my 09e92. Why?

I committed to driving it to at least 85k miles at which I will get a low mileage used 2013 e92 coupe

The investment will show when it comes to selling my car.

I really enjoy the service advisors at the dealership I go to.

I'm not mechanically inclined nor do I have the time to work on it.

Last, in calling three local BMW "experts" none had touched the e92 as it few have come off warranty.

Lots of money but I've slept on it for a few nights and feel great about it.

Cheers -
What's wrong after 85k, I'm at 74k MY2008 and if blind folded, you couldn't tell the difference between my car and my buddy's MY2012...
clutch, suspension, response still tight like a virgin.. but really. yes my car is that good, so why wouldn't yours be?

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