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2008 BMW E90 M3  [5.00]
20 days ago, I lowered my car, week and a half ago, I got my Super Sports...

Stock 220 wheels


H&R Sport Plus
F: 12mm MS Spacers
R: 10mm MS Spacers

My specs were way off prior to the alignment... musta been from the drop?

Initial readings:
F camber L: -1.73 R: -1.96
R camber L: -1.86 R: -1.94
F toe L: -0.32 R: -0.20
R toe L: -0.65 R: 0.00
Thrust angle 0.33

Final readings
F camber L: -1.89 R: -1.89
R camber L: -1.90 R: -1.90 <-- Should have I got more? There was plenty room to, but what about thread life or straight line acceleration ?
F toe L: 0.06 R: 0.06 <-- is that close enough to Zero?
R toe L: 0.10 R: 0.10
Thrust angle -0.01

My alignment guy was able to get -2.00˚ on my front right but wasn't able to achieve the same on the driver side...WHY? -2.0˚ would have been nice considering I don't have Camber plates! So we had to back it down to equal the other side.

Specs for the Trust angle is -0.07˚ - 0.07˚ How the hell did I end up at 0.33˚

Any thoughts about my initial readings? It just looks weird to me

I have to say though (don't know if its just in my head) but the car feels faster. lol Seems like it has less rolling resistance.. feels silky smooth, like more neutral I think... can't put a word to it, but it feels NICE and a night and day difference from prior...

Stable at high speed, but didn't test high speed braking stability. I will next time I get the chance too. Hopefully on a track Soon!

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