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P3 vent gauge installation

The more I work on my car, the more I appreciate the attention to detail BMW takes with small things. The flap in the back of the vent that allows/prevents air flow has a rubber gasket surrounding it so that when the air is sealed off, it's sealed OFF. That being said, when installing the P3 gauge, the install instructions indicate to "Feed the cable from the display through the vent and out the rear left side. The cable is flat as not to interfere with the vent functions and exit through the back of the vent without any cutting." In doing that, I notice a) the cable, no matter what I do will not remain flat and b) the door doesn't seal properly when closed. I'm thinking about cutting the bottom of the vent, routing the cable through the hole, then sealing it w/hot glue. Has anyone else installed it that way?

Edit: n/m, found my answer here.

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