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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
cause your a badass w/ your Innotech

I don't get why people on this forum are soo stuck up and snub there nose at anyone who doesn't follow the crowd and buy BBS LMs and an Akra Evo
nooo hahaha because he tells me my innotech is too asian so i tell him his megan is like a civic. its all in good fun

Originally Posted by NELSON.MLGB View Post
When somebody drive a Ferrari and look at ur car, he would be like: what a stupid bimmer tried to be exotic. So just respect to all ppl, all cars, and all products. There is nothing wrong with a civic. There are always ppl above you.
not trying to be exotic. i dont even have innotech anymore i sold it a few months ago to a good guy and now im just waiting on my 2013 e92 to make its way off the boat. currently carless, not trying to be exotic at all.

Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
And you still call him your friend? Fuck that guy and his civic m3. All he ever does is bring you down.
HAHAH nah hes the homie