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W Cole

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For a new car I would maintain the leather with Leather Armor products. Strong Cleaner (maybe even soft cleaner which is 50% watered down) and Protection Cream. You can use the Leather Vital as well which hydrates the leather but this won't be needed during the first application. I do not apply the Vital or Protection Creams to either the steering wheel or shifter as they leave a slight tacky feel.

For the plastic/vinyl (pretty much anything that isn't leather) I maintain with Einszett Cockpit. I love this stuff it leaves a completely OEM finish - you absolutely cannot tell you have used anything.

I have both leatherique and leather armor. The only possible advantage I would give leatherique is I have seen it do wonders restoring very, very old cracked leather, but fortunately I do not own any cars with leather like this.

Other than this leatherique is smelly and messy and from my research the way its been advertised to work isnt possible with modern, sealed leather which makes me a bit wary.