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I agree that it does not look great. Mine looks exactly like the one above.

I got pulled over a few years ago in my old E90 by a motorcycle cop in my city for no front plate. When he told me why I was being pulled over I told him that I did have a plate. The cop was looking for the plate in the normal spot and did not notice it to the side. In the end I did not get a ticket but would have if the plate was not there.

Our counrty is BROKE so they will try and get your money somehow. If you have the extra cash and time to waste then I say to keep it off. I would rather put my cash to better use.

This was my story a few years back for being pulled over with out a front plate.

OP, keep your plate it is not worth the hassle. Congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the forum!

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That front plate is killing me. Get rid of that crap, regardless of the $50 ticket (sometimes you can go 10 years without a front plate ticket in California)

Everything else looks good.
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