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Originally Posted by GChase View Post
Used Acura TSX's are hard to come by. When searching for cars a few months ago, I ultimately quit my search of TSX's just from the lack of good priced, low mileage, optioned choices.

I test drove a few in the 08-09 range and they felt great. My 328's engine bullies the TSX though, but Acura's (more specifically Hondas in general) are definitely the most reliable cars and one of the cheapest to maintain. I'd go for either a TSX or RSX type S. If you want to save even more money, maybe an Accord or S2000 if you don't have a family (guessing you do/will since you're getting a house).
TSXs are going for quite a premium on the used market around here in new england. They are nice enough, but you won't save any money (except maybe maintenance/repairs) by buying one given the high resale value on the secondary market, even co mpared to BMW.
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