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Originally Posted by AJ_MO View Post
Hi! I wanted to expose my problem to you all hoping it can be usefull. My 2008 E93 DCT has 92k km, it's hard driven everyday and I have done already 30k km since March when I bought it, so it's a hero considering that is a 420cv NA high performance machine.


-When the car is driven in DRIVE mode and you slow down while cruising in 5,6,7 gear and you don't full stop but take off again slowly, when the DCT dowshift to 2nd gear the DCT hesitate and when engage the 2nd gear a "clunking" noise comes from the rear of the car and the car shakes...this happens only in DRIVE mode, when set to manual the car is perfect and the gear changes are perfect without any problem.

-ONLY IN DRIVE MODE and in 7 gear the car vibrates a little over 120km/h (near 65mph) and there is a faint whining coming from the rear (BMW Service says it comes from the gearbox but I still hear it from the back) of the car everytime time you are not on the gas pedal.

BMW Service have checked the differential and it seem to be ok, the computer says there is no error codes, they reseted the clutch and the DCT program. They have no idea of what could be, but the BMW dealer of my city have really bad reputation for the after sale service. Next week a BMW Tech it's coming from Munich and I have an appointment with him. I have BMW Premiun Warranty, I hope they figure it out fast because the problem get worse everyday that's why I'm not using it until they fix it...but after 2 days of using the SUV I already miss my M!

You guys have any idea/experience with this kind of problem?

I already did a research in the forum and I only founded a similar problem but there was no conclusion.

Sorry for my english.
Yes...i had the same problem...THE SECOND GEAR LAG..well knowed on this
forum,i had an update from my BMW dealer here in Belgium to 233-E
and now it's just perfect,also the DCT shifts faster and the ///M3 pulls better,but i had never the clunking noise .

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