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Originally Posted by lcrain View Post
I haven't done it, but I am willing to bet that most who have taken the class will say it is certainly worth your while. Whether it is worth your money is a completely different story. ~$1500 is a lot of coin to drop for a driving school. You can do 10 open track days for that much, with an instructor.

good perspective. You'll be driving a M3 either way. The school uses M5s and provide food and drink service. At the end of the day, is dropping that much coin for the same instructions worth driving an M5 ( but not your car) and getting some food?

Track days are a lot cheaper and will receive the same instructions. It's highly focused, but there are a lot of down time. Track days are like "camping out". There's no members lounge, or leather sofa, or drink service, or even AC buildings. You're basically hanging out with your car and other drivers for the whole day (literally like 12 hours), with lots of down time.

Personally, I would choose the track days, it's the ultimate hardcore experience for a car guy. I"m price conscience and can get a lot of other value out of $1200, like go on vacation for even do 5 track day events. With 5 events, you'll come out a better driver than 1 session at the M school.

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