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Loyalty to Bavaria, from e30 to e90 M3

I’d like to introduce myself to the forum and start a journal to document the journey of my Space Grey E90 M3. Being no stranger to Bavarian automobiles, and even more familiar with the Motorsports division from BMW, it was only natural that I had found myself in yet another M3.

I started my love for BMWs at a young age, in which I was exposed to the E30 M3. This same 1988 Alpine White M3 eventually became my own, and is still in my hands to this day. Here are some photos for you enjoy, the car that started it all:

As I progressed with life, the E30 M3 was not cutting it for my every day needs. Though it was a fun car to drive on weekends on back roads, it’s not the most practical car to be driven daily. Add it’s age and rareness, I didn’t want to rack up any extra miles on the car. The hunt then began for the daily driver, and I didn’t know where else to look besides from BMW since that’s all I’ve known all my life.

The e90 M3 had everything I wanted in a daily driver. That V8 roar is intoxicating, and the DCT transmission is buttery smooth. I found an 09 e90 M3 at a great price, with everything I wanted from DCT, to iDrive and had the LCI taillamps with the aggressive booty. After I test-drove it, I knew right away that we were meant to be.

Upon delivery of the e90 M3, I had already ordered parts from EAS: Macht Schnell Stage 2, Painted Reflectors, Matte Black Grills, and AngeliBrights. Within the first week of owning the new (to me) M3, this car was no longer stock. This is just the beginning of the sickness we all have, the mod bug. The car has already seen it’s first autocross in the rain in Sonoma, and it will be seeing Buttonwillow Race track in a couple of weeks!

Hope you enjoyed the journey so far, many more updates to come! Also, many thanks to Tom @ EAS for accommodating my many questions and providing the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!

UPDATE 12/30/12 (See Post #23):

UPDATE 3/11/13 (See Post #35):

I paid EAS a visit over the weekend for some power/cosmetic mods! I picked up an Akra slip-on, Macht Schnell test pipes, and matte black side gills. All I have to say is WOW! The sound of the Akra is amazing, not to mention the added power from the test pipes.. And on the E90, the black gills are a must have, they look way cleaner than the chrome OEM gills against the black honeycomb. For installation and customer service, EAS really hooked it up. They did a very good job of aligning the Akra tips, checking the test pipe clamps for leaks, and doing clean and quick install of the side gills. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I drove all the way back to the bay area last night and there is literally NO DRONE with this setup at cruising speeds (passengers could sleep, I could hear my music, its all good!). Cold start is a little bit loud and bassy and drones, but I'm ok with it. Once the cycle is over, the idle is barely noticeably louder than stock. Once I put the windows down and step on it, I can immediately hear the difference in tone. Also, I can feel the extra power in every gear and across the entire RPM range. Now on to some pics and quick vid. Thanks again EAS!

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