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Originally Posted by beau@performanceshockinc View Post
Well, we do have customers using our Raceline kit for 'dual purpose cars' this kit was designed for hardcore track enthusiasts. It was never designed to be a 'street' kit. However, the dampers and associated components in our kits are certainly up to the task, but it is not a kit that we advertise or sell as a high performance street suspension.

As far as the quoted comment above....

Really? Completely different dampers Harold, so it's not a good comparison. The LMJ is a 46mm monotube and is similar to the JRZ product with regards to them both being monotube design....and that is about it. The majority of our Raceline kits utilize TTX based units in shock applications and and a 36mm inverted units for strut based vehicles. The inverted design of the front strut in our kit is similar to the design used in the R&T kit. Inverted struts offer a lot more lateral support which generally lead to longer service intervals due to reduced side loading on the seal head/guide assembly and reduced stiction. Ohlins, Bilstein, Sachs, Penske and just recently JRZ on some select race applications are the only companies that currently offer inverted struts. The TTX damper being a low pressure damper exhibits a lot less internal wear caused by excessive seal drag (73.5 vs. 180 psi). So in all reality the TTX rear shock / Inverted front strut is quite robust. We typically recommend 20-25K service intervals.

Unlike the majority of shops who sell high performance dampers, we actually work on them. We are an authorized service center for the following companies: Ohlins, Penske, ZF Sachs, Moton, JRZ, AST Koni and Bilstein. So we have a very unique perspective as to how each manufacturer designs and builds their product. This is why we chose to build kits with Ohlins product at the heart of it.

Yes, it sure sounds like the Raceline kit is probably not what the OP is in the market for.
Thank you for clearing things up.