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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
This is maintenance not really warranty related and 8k is a lot of money. You can buy a used motor for 8k
To Each Their Own... get it I say... No wrong, no right....

Lets say both our "motor" blows up tomorrow morning as we go to work?....
We're both late for work and you hop in wife's car, I call in and say I'll be a few hours late... Get my car towed to BMW.. and leave it there as I leave in a loaner 335d.
They do their work and say in a weeks time, they put an order out for a new engine.

To be honest, I wouldn't even want to imagine who and where I need to call for a new engine, since I have 8K in my pocket to just drop on an engine any time of the day... ( and a USED motor you say? I get a new one...)

Say, my motor has to be shipped from Germany, and it takes 3 weeks to get here.. In the mean time, you have been busy juggling/ sharing a car with wifey, taking 2 kids to school, dropping wife off to work and you get the point...

And say you and I can swap our S65 out with our eyes closed..... with that said, you still need to find time to work on your car. I'm sure your wife would be thrilled to see an exploded view of your engine bay. I'm just glad someone is doing the dirty work for me.

1 month later, BMW calls me saying cars should be done.... How much time in that month might have you been able to spare on your ride?

Maybe I'm lazy or getting old.... But I like spending my time Modding my car. Spending time to fix a broken car is far less fun and only frustrating.

To each their own I say...

Originally Posted by Dovetonsils View Post
I dont remember the exact numbers, but I paid $48xx to get my car CPO'ed and around $4k to extended my maintenance to 100k.
You mocking me? nice buddy

Originally Posted by weaksauce View Post
I got only the power train plus. It was ~$3k for 6/100,000. Got a good price on it and the piece of mind is worth it.
Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Look into private warranty's like Fidelity. You can custom tailor the miles/time to suit your driving needs. I think BMW's CPO is wacky with 2 year/50k miles, plus it doesn't cover bumper to bumper...and there's a deductible.
good option

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I liked the peace of mind so I went for it via BMW.

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