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Originally Posted by attila View Post
The rear toe-link got weaker during transport??
I understand you like Porsches, I like them too (my 4S is coming for DD) but they have issues quite few in fact. (I am sure Ferrari has some as well)
Just to list a few on the GT3/RS: weak LSD, unstable rear suspension geometry, cooling line separation with complete loss of cooling (has not happened yet on the 997.2 RS according my knowledge but the car is a sitting duck for this) etc.
It is a characterful car and fun on the track (not so much on the road) but the M3 can be just as much fun. Telling the truth I enjoy the M3 or my wife MX-5 more in the wet than the RS. I cannot drift the RS like I can the M3. It is faster and more difficult more challenging car, but challenge is not always what you want on an afternoon after work running out to the track.
I was speaking of only the alignment. And yes Ferraris have the same issue.

At the same time, I still think very few cars can touch it when its aligned from the factory correctly. You do realize a stock GT3 RS finished 13th place in the 24 hours of Nurburgring a few years ago amongst all true race cars right? It even drove to and from the track. I cant think of another street car that could do that.
I personally like the more rewarding nature of the 911s, much more than the forgiving and masking (mistakes) nature of the M3. Same reason why people dont like the GTR, because it masks bad drivers just like the M3 just on a different level. The 911 forces you to hone driving skills. Sorry, but when im on the track I dont want to drift...but if youre good the 911 can be drifted well, just watch Rohl.