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Originally Posted by Jamie@Evolve View Post
Agree with VS, RK came out with an E39M5 Stage 1 and Stage 2 kit earlier this year. As cars change hands, and guys want to mod to "keep up" with the current models power, more mods happen. In fact I'd say that most of the larger mods (superchargers, engine builds etc...) happen at the end of the model year/cycle of the vehicle in question. When things come out of warranty, it's on!

Evolve's M3 kit is beautifully designed and Sal has beaten the crap out of it on the dyno to wring out as much "area under the curve" as possible! This is an instance of where you get what you pay for really is the case...

while this is true, most A/M parts do decrease in cost relative to model year depreciation as well. Here you have an expensive mod that is 1/3 value of the car in a used market.