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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Depends... Keeping them clean and free of dirt, oils, and lint is probably your best bet. A lot of the wear comes from those things getting trapped in/on the leather and rubbing, causing wear and damage. You can condition it twice a year as well to keep it soft.

All you really need to do is exercise care in getting in and out of the car, and also ensure you wipe up spills quickly (if you're making this thread I am guessing that you're like me and don't eat or drink in the car), and keep it clean. You'll be surprised how nice it will stay. If you daily drive it, you'll get more wear, obviously. If you drive it to the gym, I would suggest getting a seat cover or towel or something to keep sweat from getting all over it.

Honestly, the leather is going to wear over time regardless of what you do. There's no opti-coat or clear bra for the interior leather. If you're careful enough, you can make it last much, much longer though. Whether you touch it now or touch it a year from now, it doesn't make a difference...

What I do: twice a year clean and condition with Leatherique prestine clean and rejuvenator oil. In between that, a damp microfiber towel wipedown for lint and dirt as needed. That is really it. Mine looks and smells the same way it did when I bought it.
Got it, thanks. I probably won't do the full clean when I get the car, but perhaps after a couple months. Will keep your tips in mind!