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Originally Posted by aka_phox View Post
Yea you are right... everyone is saying that "it will never drive the same". LOL
After talking with the body shop, they said if its broke or damaged, they are replacing it 100%...they will do it right the first time...No matter the cost. After all is done, the drivers side will be completely new and the passenger side, 2 yrs old.

looks fine; there is no frame; the car is a unibody. That is not a bad area to hit (other than all the cosmetics and the whole right side and hood should be refinsihed) but the only possibility of structural damage I see could be to the A or hinge pillar where the door bolts to. At least you're ok, the car should be fine. They should also guarantee their work while you own the car. Keep in mind, repairing a car is a body shops business card. A good shop will do it right!