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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
Hey, thanks. As per the OP, it's my first set of winters so I have no idea what to expect. I'm really glad to be off the summer tires because the temps are in the 20s in the morning now. My other BMW coupe has Pirelli summers on it, and it's consigned to the garage for the season now.

Are they supposed to give me a bit of road vibe when I roll up past 65MPH, or did I get a little bit of a bad wheel balance?

Is it normal for them to stick less in the wet at 35 degrees than nearly worn-out summers did at 70 degrees? I'm not saying they're flaky, I'm just noticing they break out more than I'm used to.
yeah they're a bit noisy .. that's normal.. they will stick less then summer tires at warmer temps ... but they will remain sticky even in the 20s and with ice on the road.. Seattle public works does a shitty job of clearing snow and so there'll always be 2-3" of ice on roads and I was daily driving to work and back on these... no problem..