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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
GT3 is an extremely balanced car and very different from a regular 911. Its suspension geometry is absolutely fantastic out of the box. I havnt had much time in a 458 and not back to back with a GT3 but EVO said the 458 felt edgy compared to the GT3. Edit: This is from Autocar, not EVO. But EVO also picked it as the better car over the 458.

If youre driving a car that has limits of a GT3, or any other car that has limits that are close, if something goes wrong youre going to need to be a very very good driver to fix it, whether its a GT3 or Mclaren, doesnt matter.

Cayman S will be most like the M3, it will be easy to drive at 5/10s or 10/10s, but it has higher limits and is a much better handling car with tons more feel and you can really exploit the mid engined platform whereas the 911 will require you to become a better driver and adjust to how it should be driven.
The only question to me is if the EPS on the Cayman will be a POS, with decreased feedback and feel compared to the previous generation. If that's the case when the reviews are in, I'll get a used Cayman R to go with my current E90.