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Originally Posted by Yugo View Post
I have several questions and I apologize if they have been covered before, but have had this crazy idea lately. Here it goes:

Currently have an E46 M3 zcp w 33k miles (garage queen) and have a four banger as a daily driver. Thinking of selling my daily and buying an E90 M3 in the spring. At that point I would either split the weekly driving between the E46 and E90 or make the E90 be my primarily/daily car. Most of my driving is on the highway.

I would be looking for E90's with approx 30-50k miles...probably some of them will be out of warranty if I decide to go for an '08 or '09 car. I probably will be driving the car for a year and half (max) and moving onto something else. Plan on keeping the E46 for good.

My main concerns are how is the E90 as a daily? Any major maintenance that I need to worry about given the above mileages? I hear S65 loves the gas pump, but how bad is it really? Also DCT vs Manual...have never driven DCT, would this be a hard thing to adjust to coming from a 6spd?

Never really had much love for the E9x M3's, but lately have been toying with the idea of just wanting to experience that high revving V8 (which I love) and been also lurking a lot on here lately due to the fact that I relate better to most people on here than E46 sec of the m3forum.

Appreciate any valid input!
My E92 has been fantastic as a DD. The other cars I've DD'd were an Exige, and a 545i. The M3 is a better DD than either; has actual ground clearance (as opposed to the lotus), and is smaller and easier to maneuver than the 5 series.

As for the gas question, it is really really bad. Over my ~22k miles, I've averaged 15mpg, with a 50/50 split of city/highway. On long trips (Portland -> Seattle, 200 miles,) I can pretty easily get ~22-24. In a strictly city setting, realistic is ~12-13.

As for the transmission, allow me to qualify. I've always been a manual snob. When I went to test drive an M3, all they had was a DCT; I figured, fine, it'll allow me to at least see what the engine is like, and then I'll find myself a 6 speed. Well, after actually driving it (for like ten minutes) I really really /really/ liked the DCT. I never use any of the auto modes; and if you select your gears full time, the only thing you're missing is the clutch control. It's not any more or less difficult in traffic than a 6speed (of course, I'm not a pussy; I never complained about 5/6MT in traffic.)

I drove an E46 M3 for about 3 months, as well, and I think the E92 is definitly more comfortable. With EDC set to comfort, it's not quite as comfortable as my 5, but it's like 80% of the way there. With EDC in sport, it's the same as the E46, maybe a little less soft.

TLDR; E9X m3 is a great DD, but definitely test drive first. And be prepared to spend a lot of time at the pump.
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