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Its so interesting to see various thought processes here, from what seems to be multiple age groups. Really opened my mind up about exotics. They aren't just "OMG SEX I WANT ONE"

I myself have just turned 27, and am in a position where I can just recently afford an M3 comfortably without having to worry about it being a bad financial decision (debatable, yes I know).

After reading all the cons people say about exotics in this thread, it really made me think
about where I will be in a few years and the serious practicality of an M3 (as far as performance cars are concerned).

Originally I made the decision to jump into an m3 because of the performance and styling. Now it seems that its a car that can last me quite a few years as my maturity increases.

Someone asked before where do you go after M3, and now I'm thinking maybe a crap SUV on the side for bad weather, and saving other spare $$ for important things in life?