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Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
I totally agree! Try finding a canon 50mm f1.0 L, you'll pay much more than the original retail price, same with a bunch of the long lenses, as I'm sure you know.

I'll certainly be making the leap from the 7D to a full frame, the question is just whether I keep the 7 as a backup to a 5dmk3 or let it go to a friend and solely shoot with a 1dX.

The only crop lens I have left is my sigma 4.5f2.8 Circ fisheye.. and I dont use it enough to warrant keeping my crop body to use it on! The rest are all L lenses and well chosen to suit what I shoot. Theres only one upgrade I plan to make and thats from my 70-200f4L IS to the new version II 2.8L IS of the same.. but again, they are SO close in sharpness that its not a big concern. I'll wait for a price drop or sale

I kept my 7D as backup, but I normally carry both bodies when shooting birds and wildlife. I've got the 500mm on the 5D3 and usually my 70-200mm f/4L IS on the 7D. However, the AF is so much better that I literally hate using the 7D for birds in flight. OTOH, I'll probably buy a 7D MkII when it comes out, assuming that it gains the same AF as the 5D3. The lower pixel-pitch (higher density) does give it significantly more reach than the full-frame camera when focal length limited.

I have no desire for the 70-200/f2.8 II because I'm already carrying the 500mm at the same time and the extra weight doesn't buy me much. If it did buy one, it'd be for concerts and indoor sports and I'd keep my f/4 as my main 70-200mm.

If you don't carry two bodies, the 7D is going to sit on the shelf and be of little value. It may be hard to believe, but once you work with the new AF system in the 1DX and 5D3, you'll be really frustrated by the 7D. I'll be shooting really great sharp images with my 500mm on the 5D3, then grab a 70-200mm shot on the 7D and be really frustrated to see the same technique use a soft shot on the 7D. What might seem acceptable now, just doesn't work once you try to new system.