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Originally Posted by E92///M3 View Post
They dont put M badge on any bimmer? M's are strictly M. There's just an m sport package for most of the sedans and coupes but thats not even nearly as close to the real M's itself. They are still special and will always be because they are a separate division from BMW. It's a different company taking BMW's and turning it into a motorsport car which is the fact. tuning, chassis, engine, exterior, interior are distinguished from the regular bmw's. Watch the vids about ///M cars on the bmw website. you'll be surpised.
Where have you been my Friend ... look at the photo below it is the BMW X6 M car see the ///M Logo on the trunk that is what we are all talking about.

We all know about the fine work the ///M Division Engineers and Designers are doing some of us even visited there facilities and meet some of these fine and dedicated people. Believe me when I say that slapping the ///M Logo on the trunk of other BMW models is like spitting into the faces of the ///M Division folks.

At least Mercedes would never slap the AMG logo onto a Mercedes trunk if it came with a AMG package.

If you click on my signature link below you will find all the videos that most of the folks here by now have seen ... The ///M Division takes a normal series 3, 5 or 6 and changes 50% of it's components then modifies some 80% to make it a true ///M car.

Think about this ... imagine you are part of this hard and dedicated ///M Division team then one day the Accountants and Marketing people decide to slap the ///M logo onto other models just because some ///M division component is now part of that car. How would you feel? and how do you think some of your customers feel after they put $60K to $90K on the table for a true ///M car.

That my Friend is what this is all about ... just to clarify

Here you go see the ///M Logo on that X6 M ... Mercedes would never do this.
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