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as far as losing weight with less effort, try the elliptical machine without using the handles; just move your legs. i lost 22lbs after burning 1000cal (1hr 12min for me) a day, 6 days a week. (i only weighed 184lbs to start) The elliptical isnt for everybody though but its worth a try. my advice is to bring a tablet or something to watch a movie on so that way u dont think about exercising, just watching the movie.
invest in a head band too... if you're overweight and have been drinking tons of water like you should u will sweat... A LOT, its less frustrating if the sweat stays out of your face to start with rather than wiping it off every 10 seconds.
as far as calories go, its approximately 3500 calories to a pound of fat. if you are really large, keep your diet at 2500 calories or less a day, avoid more than 1 tbsp of sugar, avoid starches, and dont drink diet sodas (the sugar substitutes hinder fat burning capabilities). if you lift, maintain a high protein low trans fat diet.
some foods that u can get "filled up" with that are okay are salads with no more than 4 varieties of veggies and a clear type dressing (avoid ranch, thousand island, etc.) like sticking to balsamic vinegar or italian dressing. celery is also good because it takes more calories to digest celery than it takes in.
low sugar peanut butter (stick with organic style or "all natural") is good too, but not before a workout - it will slow down your water absorption and cause you to be dehydrated under hi cardio activity.
if u want booster nutrients, do not take fat burners unless prescribed by a doctor. hi caffeine supplements i use are N.O. Xplode and gatorade. nitric oxide dilates your veins so allows faster and more thorough blood flow, gatorade's electrolytes dilute the water mixture in your system so you get a steady flow of water and energy to support your workout. and dont forget to take in plenty of water! i suggest bringing in maybe a 2liter bottle of purified water in with you - especially while on the elliptical.

im sure theres a ton more input i have but i would go on forever...