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Originally Posted by e90m3japan View Post
For sure if I can find out how to install it.Lol

Piece? You mean, lip and the splitter or just the splitter its self?
It's pretty good quality.

Can you define rigid? I mean, how do you mean?

How do you install it is how I wanna know!lol
-Regarding install, talk to Sam @ Mode Carbon on forum, I'm sure he can whip a 1,2,3 step guide for you.

-I was talking about the Lip actually. I want to confirm through you that it's super awesome fitment, no gaps, or unnecessary amount of double tape to cover the gaps. Rigid, I specifically mean, when installed, does it feel and attach to the bumper like it's a part of the bumper and does not feel that it might snap off with a strong pull. My issue with lips is that they look good, but I'm not sure how well they hold up to the rigors of high speed driving on a track.