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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
that's strange because my 920 is working fine... battery lasts forever, the BT connects fine, I get my contacts (and even contact pictures) on iDrive and A2DP BT streaming is also working with no problem (including streaming over the artist/album/song names)..
it appears OP has a CCC i-drive.

OP for what it's worth, and I know this is of absolutely no use to you, I have a CCC i-drive and I haven't had issues connecting newer smartphones to my i-drive. I have a HTC One S. I have notied that the first time you connect to the CCC, it takes a LONG time for the i-drive to pair it and read the phonebook. At first, I thought my contact book will never load. It took about 15 mins of keeping the phone paired and allow the CCC to read all the contacts. Once paired, now the sync is flawless. Sounds like some low RAM issue in the CCC computer