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Originally Posted by Sedoy View Post
True Hondas have great engines but really crappy transmissions. My DD 2002 Civic coupe had a tranny replaced at 97K miles, BUT not even close to 3-3.5K... I paid $400 for rebuilt one and $400 to install it at my local mechanic. I guess I saved myself 2.7K

Back to topic, how about 2012 Mazda3 with skyactiv DI 2.0L rated at 40 HWY MPG. Hatch looks great but sedans are cheaper, saw few around $15K. Non-skyactiv 2011s are about $11K.
was it manual ? or maybe just Civic ? I saw a bill for new tranny in Accord (Vtec V6) and it was $3000. But rebuilds are also different. I had mechanic quote $2k for Saturn tranny, but $3.5k with warranty.

some cars people just never buy and they are SO cheap at least at auctions. for $3500 you can get yourself 2001-2002 TL or RL with just over 100k mark.