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Originally Posted by DaveDee View Post
Amazing work you do.... Just wondered what your thoughts are on Zymol Concours, I use it every three months, the car is detailed every six months and Concours 3 months after detail. Is it still a good wax or are there better products on the market.

Thanks Dave. Appreciate the kind words

Firstly, Zymol make some fantastic products, no doubt about that.
Some people prefer waxes, personal choice.
The results I've seen on your car suggest that you're "doing it right" as they say, but...I personally find that there are better products for producing a more DURABLE finish, specifically, some of the new nano sealants on the market.

What sort of detailing are you getting done on the car every 6 months? If paint correction, I personally believe that it isn't necessary every 6 months, PROVIDED that the car is well maintained - ie, safely washed, wheels washed frequently and droppings/contaminants are attended to quickly.

You could add a durable and stunning looking nano sealant and top it off with a quick detailer every other week. Very very easy to maintain and your wash times could be reduced. Also rather than re applying a wax every 3 months, you could go on for 18-24 months.

Feel free to PM or email me if you require further advice. Happy to help out