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What to look for on an 09 VF-620 car?

So this weekend I am driving 300 miles to look at an 09 VF-620 car.

First let me say that I have been around modded cars and superchargers for most of my life, so I am very familiar with them. I have also done my homework talking to my local dealership about the history of the car (it's only issue was with the bluetooth module), looked up the VIN to see the options, and attempted to contact VF who did the work on the car, that didn't have much success.

VF really wouldn't talk to me much, so I have no idea what kind of power the car makes, but I have confirmed it is the 620 kit rather than any others. I was also concerned with the calibration they provide if it changes the speed limiter and rev limiter and I got an answer that was not 100% confident from the gentleman I spoke with, so if anyone knows that I'm also curious.

What I am not very familiar with, is the E92 M platform. The car has ~25k miles and is a DCT car. Are there any model specific options or issues to look out for or be aware of?

I did rule out that 09 was as old as I was going to go with the changes to the idrive system and the many reported issues I have seen from motors in 08 cars.

Thanks guys, hope I can pick this thing up soon!
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