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Originally Posted by Bimmer6 View Post
In the end you build what the customer will buy, and if you don't you will be behind. Hell Ferrari makes a four door who would have guessed that. AMG has been watered down for years, and it's still not a good track car. Good luck to find a brand that will not adapt to the changing market place. M is still the performance Audi and Mercedes is still chasing which says something.

Originally Posted by ///Montreal3 View Post
Sorry, but that is incorrect. There is no 4-door Ferrari in the current model range, nor has there ever been, with the exception of a few one-off 456 sedans produced exclusively for the Sultan of Brunei in the 90's.

Perhaps you were thinking of the Ferrari FF? It has seating for 4...

i agree.. and with all due respect, it's foolish to think other big corporations such as merc or audi don't have the technology to produce performance cars like bmw.. those other companies/brands are just appealing to a different market for production vehicles