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Originally Posted by MotorboatinSOB View Post
Thanks! I picked up the car tonight and can't wipe the smile off my face! It's the cleanest used M3 I have seen a long time.

I know I didn't get the deal of the century on it but I also feel I paid a good price for it (under $50k including CPO). I will gladly pay a little extra for a clean car with very low miles and a good service history.
Well done sir! The lowest they went for me was $49900 and it sounds like you may have bested that! Nice work. I didn't want to pay more than $47,000 for a 2009. I offered $48,000 just because it was local but that didn't pan out. I figure I have all winter to source me another one and when I do we should have a photo shoot. Speaking of photo ops you should post a picture of the E92 next to your Stang... if it stayed local that is.

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