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Tranny won't kick down

I have no idea what has happened to my DCT tranny in D mode. I drive about 50 50 in manual and D mode. Always in S/D 5 and always have throttle sensitivity to the max.

This has always meant that a tap on the throttle in D mode, especially when in D5 would kick down several gears and I never had to step on it and engage the "kick down" "click"

Lately I can press the pedal all the way down to the floor, just before you compress the kick down and it drops maybe 1 gear. So 7th to 6th. When before it would be dropping to 3rd or 4th if it was freeway speeds.

It essentially is shifting the same in D1-D5 in terms of how aggressive the tranny map seems to be and its really frustrating as its simply taken a D5 mode which almost read my mind to one that is virtually useless.

Its a 2012, probably latest software and taking it in on saturday for oil change but not even sure what to tell them or what direction they could even look