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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
ROFL! have to register for an event. I believe you will get first dibs at this particular BMWCCA event if you've driven with BMWCCA in TX at an Auto-X or HPDE. Then it will eventually be offered to BMWCCA members across the nation.

I would guess that you need to first become a BMWCCA member. Then pray that many people are asleep at the wheel when registration opens and then you'll get a shot. I have no other idea if other DE orgs have different requirements. I would assume not...just need to be in the know and quick when registration opens up.

Be will get rock chips at this event and will probably mess up your coat of wax. I know you're a die hard waxer dude
LOL, I will probably bring my e30 for that event.