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Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
you sound ambitious, we could get along
Haha I'm just trying to prepare myself now for whatever might come along in my career. I would hate to have one of those "I should have" moments.
Originally Posted by baxter3221 View Post
You can definitely turn wrenches on an M, I just installed my supercharger over the weekend. Though the price tag on the parts is a little higher.

As for audit, you'll quickly find that what you do in audit doesn't resemble what you did in your financial accounting classes either. Regardless, you do learn a lot through audit and it's a good resume builder. I did it for 5 years and that experience lead me into the M&A stuff.
That's another thing I was considering as well. The dollar to horsepower ratio for mods on a 335i is much more attractive than it is on the M3. Like I said, I'm so indecisive right now lol. I do know that I want the car to be AW with black interior and it has to be a 6MT. Haha

I heard that there was a lot that you learn in school that you won't use out in the field. Which is fine. It was so hard going for that first internship/job and the firms would as "What are you interested in? Audit or Tax?" I was hoping they would let me phone a friend or something because I had no idea what the difference was haha. But I guess you have to take one and run with it. Which is what I'm doing with audit. I'm excited to see what I'll be doing soon.
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Take your time for sure man. Enjoy life a lil too. I did 60% of my masters in tax and all four exams in the first year I worked at EY. Only I know how I did that. Glad all that is done now. Thinking of doing CFA exams though. I have a dual degree in finance & accounting. But finance always scares me. Not enough stability in job like accounting.
I feel like my life is gonna be in the fast lane these next few years. I gotta finish up a few credits to get my 150. Not sure if I wanna do that quickly on a few bs classes or just do it as part of my masters. I was gonna get a dual degree but I felt like it was a waste because I was already getting an accounting degree. I guess it would have been nice to have the 150 right away though.