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Originally Posted by baxter3221 View Post
You can definitely turn wrenches on an M, I just installed my supercharger over the weekend. Though the price tag on the parts is a little higher.

As for audit, you'll quickly find that what you do in audit doesn't resemble what you did in your financial accounting classes either. Regardless, you do learn a lot through audit and it's a good resume builder. I did it for 5 years and that experience lead me into the M&A stuff.
True what you said. Although, for tax it does resemble a lot what i studied in school. Money always counts but end of the day, if you are living just to work, then dude please. There is no point. Some people do live like that but not me. I am hoping to become R&D tax accountant for some Tech firm after my 5 years. Interesting work all day. Gets deep into tax laws. Although end of this year, I only have 3 years. 2 more to go