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Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
interesting, what $ would you be looking for in terms of investors?
what would be awesome is an angel investor that says "here's 60k, I want xxxx back" at that point we're set(i say we because im in this with my two buddies). We've already registered an LLC in Nevada, and like I said currently undergoing the final design process. Already have a manufacturer/importer lined up just working on a solid business plan/marketing/website now to rope in investors. Prototypes are mostly done (wasn't cheap but gotta have something to show) but if it comes down to getting many small investors, we'd go public and give XXX of shares per $$$. Not there yet since I don't feel comfortable seeking investments without being 100% ready to go the second someone says "here's my money" worst case, we put it off a year or two, and fund the thing ourselves. I'm excited!