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Originally Posted by flip View Post
Awesome! Maybe we can set up a day in the next few weeks.

Yeah, that was my thought as well... It sounds like a reasonable explanation.

I'll look for a good battery and pick that up shortly. Also I think I may pick up a cable so I can set the computer for the new battery. This is what I was thinking about getting. Any idea if this one will be alright? Not looking for anything crazy, this one is cheap and looks like it should get the job done.

I'd thought about it but I do drive it enough so I shouldn't need to keep it on a tender. The battery is also right at about 4 years old so it would make sense that it needs to be replaced anyway.

Yeah, i'm sure it would put off the problems but if the battery is going bad it will be inevitable...

My thoughts as well, although I'd like a tender to have .
I drive my car almost every day and still needed the tender. I just don't drive far enough after I crank it.