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M3 is a pretty decent car.. I used to hate the hood and side vents but over time they did slowly grow on me.

I took my m3 and drove it on the track 3 weeks ago at Little Talledega in Alabama.. That was a lot of fun and I was grateful to only chew through used stocker tires and not wreck.. The M3 performed excellent but I wasn't overly wowed by it.. I think I like it cause it will allow me to go to the track and then take it home the same day.. The parts are a little less expensive and i bought mine with low mileage, 2008, and let somebody else take the depreciation.. its heavy, its my daily driver and really common so it does the job.

I definitely won't be buying another M3 cause I plan on never buying the same car twice.. and I haven't done that yet. I guess I have a little brand loyalty but only to a point.. I want to try new vehicles and get the best I can afford at the time.. My truck payment was about the same monthly price of a used 2008 with low mileage so I got it to satisfy me till I upgrade to what I really want. The car is fun and there is parts of it I probably miss a little but overall its like dating..... sometimes you just want to try one out for a while.
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