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Originally Posted by TTSam View Post
I just missed the lack of total control in the DCT - especially with winter driving in poor conditions when the throttle and clutch are all that is needed to get going and stop in super slippery conditions, with a slight use of the brakes at the end.

DCT pretty much requires the brakes be used.
Not sure I understand why, and I've been driving MT in snowy conditions for 20+ years. The main advantage of a manual in snow is using engine compression braking, and in S mode, you can easily achieve that. DCT gives the additional advantage in snow of shifting smoother than any person, particularly in S1/S2, giving less chance for slip/skid. That's what it seems like to me, anyway.

I will admit I mostly drove my R32 on the snowy days last year, even though I had winter tires for the M3. This year, the A/S tires got replaced with summers on my R32 daily driving wheels, so the M3 will need to be a true winter DD for me. Any other DCT owning ex-manual drivers find themselves wishing for a manual in the snow?
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