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Originally Posted by Cyclone Chris View Post
You could charge the whole car on an Amex card; however, I'm sure they'll be calling you as the card gets declined initially. Once you verify the transaction they should let the charge through. Just be ready to pay it in full within 30 days.
Most dealers will not do this. Most will not even take a $5,000 deposit on CC because of the fee's they are charged. If they have 3% CC fee's and Amex is usually higher than that, they could be looking at $1,500 lost on the deal. My dealer doesn't take more than $2,000 on a credit card.

However, my Wells Fargo Platinum actually sent me a check book and allows me to write a check and use the credit card account as if it was a checking account. There is 14% interest if you don't pay it off in 30 days and each check gets a one time fee of $25. However I made a down payment of $25,000 and then paid it off right away. Netted me a nice set of airline tickets first class to Hawaii. Not bad for $25
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