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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
I've been ok, busy as sh*t. There is a DIY for the TVA and we can follow it. We can do it at my house. I'm getting the tool to pull the coils of the heads to change the plugs also. Let me know when you want to do that. I already had my plugs changed by the dealership last Friday. The current on the old battery might be so low that when you start your car, the TVA will act up, because not enough power to get them going???? My 0.02 cents. I would replace the battery first is my guess and then go from there.
Awesome! Maybe we can set up a day in the next few weeks.

Yeah, that was my thought as well... It sounds like a reasonable explanation.

I'll look for a good battery and pick that up shortly. Also I think I may pick up a cable so I can set the computer for the new battery. This is what I was thinking about getting. Any idea if this one will be alright? Not looking for anything crazy, this one is cheap and looks like it should get the job done.

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Have you tried getting a charger?
I'd thought about it but I do drive it enough so I shouldn't need to keep it on a tender. The battery is also right at about 4 years old so it would make sense that it needs to be replaced anyway.

Originally Posted by dmk08 View Post
Sup Eric

Flip, I started seeing weird codes and battery issues a few weeks ago too. I got a battery tender from Amazon for $40 and have run it 1 night a week for the past two weeks. It seems to have cleared up my issues for now.

I'm in Marietta too if you want to borrow/try it.
Yeah, i'm sure it would put off the problems but if the battery is going bad it will be inevitable...

Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
Hey David, wassup. If he is getting a cell malfunction, a charger will probably not help. But he can also try that. It is cheaper than getting a new battery.
My thoughts as well, although I'd like a tender to have .