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Originally Posted by Dellort_M3 View Post
Looks good.
Does this require planning/designing before hand?
Or did you guys just cut random large pieces of vinyl and apply it?
There was a little planning involved, but less so than the other cars we've done.
I cut the pieces for this one free hand with a straight edge. I had a rough sketch lay out and loosely followed it, letting some of the previous cuts dictate a new shape.

Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
Great concept and idea, but I think the wrap could have been done a little differently. I've seen several camo wraps in this material and it looked pretty cool. I think it is much easier using this material than individually laying down piece by piece of each color.
Trying to line all those up to make a continuous pattern would be very difficult. And you're right, it could have been done differently, but I was after this specific pattern and choose my patterns based off ones used by military aircraft. I honestly have several different camo schemes that I'd like to try... just don't have enough cars or time to try them.

Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
so wild and so awesome! Would be better with the design a bit smaller IMO, but still, thats crazy cool
I try to stick to the theory that the bigger the pattern, the better. Going too small is where a lot of folks get it wrong in my opinion. If you look at military camo schemes, they typically use large patterns to break up the shape of the vehicle, ship or aircraft. Too small and it's just a pattern within the larger shape.
Here are some examples of getting it wrong to me:

Here are two other in house vehicles that we've done.

The first was the Aggressor E46 inspired by the F-16's, F18's & F15's of the Aggressor Squadron at Nellis AFB. This shot happens to have all the Gold Rush Rally graphis as well so it's a little busy.

pre gR rally

And here is the Six O'clock High M5 inspired by WWII figthters & bombers, complete with nose art pin-up girl and invasion stripes.