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Originally Posted by Amri215
In all fairness I think this post was created in a momentary fit of anger or lapse in judgement on behalf of the OP..hes owned various BMWs..I mean to state you're writing off a car for something as silly as a badge just doesnt compute.

Look to the engine, the suspension, the body styling..i could go on but you get the picture..the M badge doesnt hold the same meaning it held 30 years ago..its called brand evolution..its lost its true homolgated heritage and roots..either way as long as BMW makes the "king of the hill" M cars I will continue to aspire to drive them...regardless of a poseur with an M steering wheel
I don't think it's a lapse in judgement on the ops behalf. I feel the same

And, BMW isn't the king of the hill anymore. As proof with the new m5.
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