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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
What's up? I was actually going to shoot you a text asking you this same question (you PM'd me over on vortex). I'd be very interested to check out your m3 sometime to compare so maybe I'll head down to your neck of the woods if we both get a free moment!

My RS is currently stage 1, so I'm very curious to see what the added DP does to the power of the car for stage 2.

This is absolutely what I was looking for, your post came off very unbiased and informative. Thanks!

Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
I'm concerned with "downgrading" my MPG from my TT-RS to an m3. If mpg was my biggest concern then yeah, I never would have gotten a TT-RS.

The backseat will be used for at most 2-3 hour long trips, but most trips with that many passengers will be under an hour. I definitely agree it's not the roomiest and I'm glad you pointed that out. Putting someone in an RS makes it feel like a clown car! Definitely amusing the first few times but gets old after a while.

Thanks for being a voice of reason. I will probably hold onto my car for at least another half year or so if not longer. By the end of next year I might just get a used 335i while also keeping my car. The problem with just having a 335i though is it's too much of a sleeper for my tastes, it sounds terrible but I do like to stand out a little bit.