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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
The US does, and your license isn't even restricted to automatic transmissions if you take the test in an automatic transmission like I've heard some countries do. That said, I took the test in an auto and transitioned to a manual just fine, though I probably put in more effort than the average non-enthusiast would have, and I also avoided areas with fast traffic until I was comfortable. But unfortunately in the US it's absurdly easy overall to get a license and absurdly difficult to lose one, which is partially why we have so many incompetent drivers. In fact many states don't even have routine safety/roadworthiness inspections for vehicles, so you get all kinds of unsafe junker vehicles on the road. All because people here think driving is a right, not a privilege.
Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
no. in the EU, many countries will only give you a driver's license for cars with an automatic unless you do your test/training with a manual. your license will specifically say if you are qualified for automatic only. just like getting a CHL with a revolver - you cannot conceal carry a SA.

if you travel to the EU, they cannot check this on your US license, but do you really want to be in a foreign city with foreign signs and be lost AND not know how to shift your car?
Originally Posted by minigearhead View Post
in israel, you can do your test with an auto, and you only get permission for an auto. you have to do test with a manual if you want a manual license
thanks for the information for your countries.
here in Turkey, it's soo hilarious.
You sign up for the examination. Well normally you are obliged to take lessons of engine, traffic and first aid stuff. Nobody goes they give you a booklet and you read, read and read....

After you pass the test, they take you to the test.
Manual cars only. and trust me, shitty ones.
takes like 2 mins 1,2,3,4 ooops stop. put it to rear, and finished